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Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Welcome to our collection of mid-century modern furniture – pieces inspired by those that started the modern design movement, and whose appeal has never faltered. From the simple yet striking seating from Eames, to the immediately-recognizable pods of Aarnio, modern furniture greats have crafted furniture that has and will forever influence design on a personal and commercial scale. And while we can’t turn back time and purchase a household’s worth of originals, we can turn to the striking styles being produced today in mid-century modern furniture from Fine Mod Imports, Nuevo Living and Zuo Modern to name a few favorites.

Modern classic furniture reproductions combine the spirit and style of originals with modern materials and construction methods. They take the work, hassle, and expense out of finding and restoring originals by providing showroom and living room-ready furniture that has stood the test of time in appeal, and is ready to stand the test of time from a quality stance as well. Whether your home is calling you to channel Le Corbusier, or your heart beats fastest for the wonders of Saarinen, you’ll find your favorites re-imagined in our collection of mid-century modern furniture.