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Modern Chairs

Creating a home that reflects your personal style is not only paramount to being satisfied with the way your home looks, but also to supporting the way you want to feel each day. Our homes nurture us like no other place, and providing a space in which we can think, feel, and produce our ‘best’ every day is integral to a happy life. How to do just that? A smart start is investing in modern accent chairs and modern lounge chairs! As a modern furniture fan you already understand that there is more to this style than meets the eye. It isn’t simply about appreciating a modern aesthetic, rather about realizing the ways in which this aesthetic frees your mind of visual clutter so you can think and live more consciously and clearly. Our modern accent chairs and lounge chairs foster that freedom by helping to create a truly relaxing, rejuvenating home environment.

There is no one-size-fits-all in modern furniture, and we always strive to bring the very best from all corners of this style. From the seemingly-floating modern lounge chairs from Zuo, to the encompassing Orbit modern accent chairs from Nuevo Living, you can mix and match modern pieces to add diversity and dimension to your home while keeping a cohesive look. In addition to a wide variety of styles, you’ll also find a sweeping selection of fabrics and materials to choose from, including leather, microsuede, plastic and wool. From elegantly refined to far-out and futuristic, our modern accent chairs and lounge chairs have your stylish seating needs ready for relaxing. So…have a seat!

Splitback Chair with Frej Arms
Bartholomew Lounge Chair
Zita Ease Lounge Chair & Ottoman (2pc)
Safdie Chair by Zuo
Moshe Chair by Zuo
Dublexo Deluxe Chair
Pori Arm Chair by Zuo
Ethan Lounge Chair
Ostend Occasional Chair by Zuo
Pika 20 Lounge Chair
Pika 22 Lounge Chair
Alexandria Chair by Howard Elliott
Ball Chair
Oldschool Chair
Rocket Chair by Zuo
Woom Chair & Ottoman Set (Leather)
Woom Chair & Ottoman Set (Wool)
Bolo Suspended Chair by Zuo
Liege Chair by Zuo
Kuopio Chair by Zuo
Umea Arm Chair by Zuo
Neo Lounge Chair
Varietal Arm Chair by Zuo
Artemis Lounge Chair
Wing Chair & Ottoman (2pc)
Class Leather Lounge Chair (2pc)
Class Lounge Chair (2pc)
Vision Chair by Zuo
Alpha Egg Chair & Ottoman (2pc)
Alban Dining Chair
Saal Dining Chair
Nursery Lounge Chair & Ottoman by Zuo
Inner Lounge Chair (Leather)
Inner Lounge Chair (Wool)
Inner Lounge Chair (Pony Hide)
Fiesta Lounge Chair
Patrik Lounge Chair
Fortress Arm Chair by Zuo
Providence Arm Chair by Zuo
Skien Chair by Zuo
Bolero Chair
Singular Arm Chair by Zuo
S Dining Chair (Set of 2)
Axis Chair by Howard Elliott
Axis Corner Chair by Howard Elliott
Match Chair (Set of 2)
Nut Chair
Aristocrat Arm Chair by Zuo
Carbon Chair by Zuo
Net Dining Chair (Set of 2)
Risa Lounge Chair
Quba Lounger
Julius Lounge Chair
Simone Chair
Helena Lounge Chair
Bethany Lounge Chair
Corbin Lounge Chair
Arturo Chair
Johan Dining Chair
Sly Lounge Chair
Madrid Armchair
Swan Chair (Leather)
Swan Chair (Wool)
MIB Chair by Zuo
Jakob Lounge Chair
Jesse Chair
Splitback Chair
Maxwell Lounge Chair
Button Chair (Leather)
Button Arm Chair (Wool)
Conner Lounge Chair
Grande Lounge Chair
Boxer Armchair
Jonkoping Arm Chair by Zuo
Aventura Arm Chair by Zuo
Egg Hanging Chair
Bubble Hanging Chair
Balloon Hanging Chair
Ball Acrylic Lounge Chair
Eik Chair
Fluxe Chair